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❝I was introduced to the field of CAE during my Graduation and since then I tooked a keen interest in this part of Engineering and with completion of my Post Graduation I decided to pursue a career in CAE. With knowledge similar to a SCRATCH, I contacted Mr. Pradeep Gothe of OKLEEM Institute where he made me aware regarding various applications of CAE and its different software. I learnt the use of HYPERMESH and got skilled enough to start my career. For me, it was a great learning experience not just the use of software but the Practicality behind the screen. Apart from the software, the theories behind those applications are effectively teached and practiced here at OKLEEM. Moreover, Pradeep Sir also discussed some of his own projects as part of a case study and hands-on on similar applications were conducted. For me, it is like a pressurised coal(me) from the coal mine(university) is been polished and processed at a workshop (OKLEEM) by a smith named Mr. Pradeep Gothe. Now the diamond is ready to reflect the knowledge taught and shine. Thanks, OKLEEM, Thank you Pradeep Sir.„
Jitendra H. Sarpe
Project Engineer (CAE) at Plast-Pro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
❝As I was having a keen interest to learn & pursue my career in cae I have joined okleem family a year ago; just after completing my graduation from the mechanical stream. This seems to be one of the best decisions taken by me.  I have been guided & taught very well by Mr. Pradip Gothe. Okleem has given me very good opportunities to start my career in cae. Pradip sir was always ready to help me with different kinds of interviews that i am going to attend. He is always ready to help students until they start a career successfully in CAE. Now I am working with leading MNC in the automobile sector in Simulation Department & I must say okleem has a very great share of what I am today! Mr. Pradip Gothe's experience in the CAE industry helped me alot to learn many advance things & methodologies that are currently used in cae domain in now days era. I personally think the syllabus offered under courses conducted in okleem is very relative to the actual methodologies used in the cae industry. I think if you are also interested in CAE you must choose Okleem to start!„
Pratik Kale
Asst. Manager in R&D Dept. at MAN Truck & Bus India Pvt. Ltd
❝Okleem is an awesome Institute if you want to become an expert in Hypermesh. Pradeep sir has a lot if experience in the domain and knows how to teach the course steadily. He makes sure that each concept is clear to the student before switching to other. I've gained a lot of knowledge from him. He has good industrial contacts so your placement is assured!„
Rajesh Chaurasiya
CFD Analyst at LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd.
❝OKLEEM gave me the right exposure to be on par with the market needs and made me feel comfortable and confident in my career. The faculty, with their valuable experience, helped me to quickly grasp the domain knowledge and to get an idea about the market scenario. Thanks to OKLEEM for adding value to my career. For any additional information or clarification regarding the institute or the course, help is Just a call away.„
Miss. Ashwini Kasar
Jr. CAE Analyst at Affluent InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.
❝I think FEA is the most interesting field in Mechanical engineering and this Okleem institute has a great staff & courses which will help you to learn FEA & then step into the industry with strong knowledge of the same. I would really like to say one thing especially this institute has given me a great opportunity to enter into the FEA while being a fresher student. As well as from this institute i have learnt Hypermesh in depth & now I feel confident with software as well as theory concept of FEA.„
Miss. Kshitija Galande
Asst. Manager in R&D Dept. at MAN Truck & Bus India Pvt. Ltd
❝After completing my engineering I want to pursue my career in the CAE domain and without joining this institute it will always be a dream for me. For the students who want to start their career in CAE, this is the best institute you can have. The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues and friends. I, myself, would love to attend future training organized or featured by you.„
Sumit Shelke
CAE Application Engineer at Knowledge Stream
❝Highly recommended for students and professionals who are willing to learn hypermesh and enthusiastic about their Career at CAE.  The trainer is very well knowledgeable and provides excellent teaching at both practically and theoretically.„
Manoj Bagare
Asst. Manager in R&D Dept. at MAN Truck & Bus India Pvt. Ltd
❝After completing enginering 7th Semester, Question was rise again and again that is what after Engineering. Im interested in Finite Element analysis. So want to do career in that. I met to pradeep sir, After joining OKLEEM INSTITUTE. I know what is actually CAE department and what is the scope of CAE department. In that Hypermesh software i learned all the things that' was use in industry and theoretical knowledge is also important. Pradeep Gothe sir always motivate me everytime to be smart worker and friendly environment I was never experienced.„
Ajay Shelar
Project Engineer (CAE) at Plast-Pro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.​
❝Very good and standardized FEA institute to learn Hypermesh meshing, optistruct, and hyper view.  For fresher’s, it's a fantastic platform to learn FEA with industrial standards. The trainer has a lot of industrial experience he is not the only teacher but he will guide you perfectly for the betterment of your future.  He gives practice on plastic components which are industries one of the difficult types of components. For fresher’s, he will also give you some analysis models to get at least an idea about simulation and analysis procedures. For any additional information or clarification regarding the institute or the course, help is Just a call away.„
Shubham Kamble
Analyst at Satyam Venture
❝Okleem is one of the best organizations to start your CAE carrier with. It helps in learning FEA concepts and tools from very basics. Here I have learned to solve problems theoretically and practically as well. I have learned to perform various FEA simulations. Here I have learned Static and Modal Analysis. Okleem has helped me alot in terms of problem solving approach, it shapes you in a such a way that your engineering knowledge turns into actions. Here I have got a chance to work on different kinds of tasks like sheet metal and Plastic meshing and Modal and Static Analysis. After completion of Engineering, we have lots of carrier options. But I will suggest you start your carrier with okleem for a better future. And I was very happy to be a part of such a great organization.„
Mr. Pravin Kailas Nevhal
CAE Engineer at Equilibrium Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 
❝I was introduced to the field of CAE during my post Graduation along with the CFD. I Completed my project in CFD. I also want to get acquainted with CAE along with the knowledge of CFD Mr. Pradeep Gothe of OKLEEM Institute initially guided me for CAE. He made me aware regarding various applications of CAE and its different softwares. I learnt the use of HYPERMESH and use it in various small projects. Through his training the level of understanding was so good we could look through the software and understands the practical phenonema based on theoretical principles. Various tutorials, case studies and his industrial project helped us in thorough understandings. I would recommend okleem classes for students, industrial professionals for their career boost in the field of CAE.  Thanks, OKLEEM, Thank you Pradeep Sir.  „
Mr. Anup Sunkarwar
Sr. Project Manager at Toyo India Pvt Ltd.
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